A great wander this morning (11th July)

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A great wander this morning (11th July)

Postby SteveH on Thu Jul 11, 2019 4:47 pm

Hi folks,

I'm leading a moth event centred on Cheshire Wildlife Trusts' Holly Bank house property and adjacent Gowy Meadows reserve over Friday / Saturday so to-day I made a concerted effort to see what I could find along the only tree-lined lane on the reserve. It was a day to remember for sure!

I've been gradually adding to the reserve's moth list each year with 2019 being no exception; 14 new before to-day, and five more today! One, Batrachedra praeangusta was a new speies for me whilst Argyresthia lbistria (3) I'd only seen once before. Other nice species were Pammene regiana, Crassa unitella, Thistle Ermine and Dingy Footman whilst the humble Riband Wave was also a new record (we've yet to do any light trapping)! Twenty-seven species all told plus an inidentifiable Cnephasia. The reserve list is currently 246.

A selection of pix attached.

Pammene regiana GMCWT 11072019.JPG
Pammene regiana GMCWT 11072019

Dingy Footman GMCWT 11072019.JPG
Dingy Footman GMCWT 11072019

Gypsonoma dealbana GMCWT 11072019.JPG
Gypsonoma dealbana GMCWT 11072019

Argyresthia albistria GMCWT 11072019.JPG
Argyresthia albistria GMCWT 11072019

Batrachedra praeangusta GMCWT 11072019.JPG
Batrachedra praeangusta GMCWT 11072019

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