Pikelow Farm, Marton

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Pikelow Farm, Marton

Postby stevehind on Thu Jul 11, 2019 7:19 pm

140+ species at Pikelow Farm, Marton on 5th July, of which 25 were new for the site, bringing the site list to 370 species.

I had seen a Humming-bird Hawk-moth in the garden earlier in the day and David Taylor mentioned seeing one at the farm, so there was hope for migrants in the traps. There was nothing but Diamond-backs until the final trap produced this Vestal.

1716 Vestal SJ857689_SHH.JPG
Vestal - 5/7/2019

Always a nice find but not as good as the Small Marbled found elsewhere in the county this past week.

Nine Round-winged Muslin were one of the species new to the site and there were six Southern Wainscots in two of the actinic Heath traps by the ponds.

2035 Round-winged Muslin SJ856690_SHH.JPG
Round-winged Muslin - 5/7/2019

2197 Southern Wainscot SJ857689_SHH.JPG
Southern Wainscot - 5/7/2019

2197 Southern Wainscot head_SJ857689_SHH.JPG
distinctive forehead pattern of Southern Wainscot - 5/7/2019

Other Macro’s of interest were Scalloped Hook-tip; Sallow Kitten; 2 Blackneck; Bird's Wing; 3 Grey Arches and a good count (34) of Suspected.

Seventeen of the new species were micro-moths: Ectoedemia decentella; Narycia duplicella; Parornix anglicella; Cedestis subfasciella; Argyresthia spinosella; Argyresthia conjugella; 4 Limnaecia phragmitella; Brachmia blandella; Teleiodes vulgella; Coleophora binderella; 2 Coleophora betulella; Coleophora peribenanderi; Mompha ochraceella; Cnephasia stephensiana; 2 Phalonidia manniana; Grapholita funebrana; 5 Acrobasis consociella and Udea olivalis.

175 Narycia duplicella SJ855690_SHH.JPG
Narycia duplicella - 5/7/2019

The fact that Parornix anglicella was new is a good indication that no leaf-mining has been done at the site, a situation I hope to remedy this autumn and that should push the site list beyond 400 species.

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