Mirid Species of Bug - Phytocoris varipes

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Mirid Species of Bug - Phytocoris varipes

Postby wirralbirder on Mon Apr 02, 2018 12:47 am

Mirid Species of Bug - Phytocoris varipes:

I am trying to tidy up my back log of unidentified images from way back. I would be grateful for any help in doing so.
This bug of the Miridae family certainly seems to be belong to the Phytocoris genus judging by its large rear femur and general shape. Three species are good contenders out of the nine species belonging to the genus (as recorded on the NBN site). P.ulni has a thinner first antennal segment than the one depicted and so can be ruled out . The other two can only be safely separated by dissection and since I no longer have the specimen this would be impossible to do . P.varipes is widespread whereas P,insignis is confined to the heaths of South-east England. So Phytocoris varipes is a very strong contender for an ID.

Recorded - West Kirby Gilroy N.R. SJ 223876 on thistle (Cirsium sp.) 31st August 2009

Harry Davies

Miridae-Phytocoris varipes Gilroy Park August31st090210.jpg
Miridae - Phytocoris varipes Gilroy N.R., West Kirby (SJ 223876) on thistle (Cirsium sp.)
31st August 2009

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