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Postby RachelMC on Wed Jun 18, 2014 2:38 pm

RODIS Lite - a quick and easy way to enter your records is available.

A "starter file" has been created for recording all finds in June 2014. Here is the link:

[color=#008000]RODIS Lite - Species Spotlight June 2014

The file shows one record (for the Beautiful Snout moth) but you can enter other records as well:
    Sign up if you don't have your details on the system, or Enter your surname and email address. Click "Use information from my details"
    Navigate through the tabs:
    When did you see it - Enter date from the calendar
    Where did you see it? - Zoom in on the Cheshire map to the location, ideally to a 6-figure grid ref.
    What did you see? - The species used to create the file will display, but you can add your own record by clicking "Spotted something that isn't on our list".

    Enter the species name and find it from the drop-down list.
    Enter other details.
    Click "Send your record"

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