Data Flowing Into rECOrd

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Data Flowing Into rECOrd

Postby SteveMcBill on Sun Apr 10, 2011 12:02 pm

Data/Records Flowing Into rECOrd:

Records are constantly flowing into rECOrd for entry into the main and central database of species sightings in the Cheshire region. On average, approximately 5,000 records per month are entered through RODIS (rECOrd Online Data Input System) by volunteers at the rECOrd office and by naturalists from their own homes. These are a combination of historical records as well as current data - much of it on a day to day basis as the Cheshire wildlife is recorded.

Over the last year, a huge push on training people to use RODIS has been undertaken by rECOrd staff and by some of those recorders and volunteers who work very closely with the organisation. This effort is now beginning to show and to bear fruit. Looking at the RODIS usage stats each evening shows more naturalists starting to use the system to enter their data online and now the numbers are beginning to show too !!

In the month from the 3rd February 2011 to the 7th March 2011 there were 5,498 records entered BUT in the month from the 7th March 2011 to the 8th April 20112 there were 11,498 records entered. Well done indeed to all those volunteer data keyers and to all the naturalists in the County who are now putting data into RODIS - AND a BIG "Thank you" for your time and interest !!

Don't forget - once you have entered your data and RODIS has checked all the elements (immediate) of species name, grid, ref, location, abundance, date, etc., etc. then you can Export the data back to yourself in the form of a .CSV file for loading into a spreadsheet program (e.g. Excel) or a database (e.g. Access). rECOrd anticipate providing further facilities to naturalists in the future such as mapping your own data and being able to download to your own machine ALL your data from the central database (an ultimate back-up facility).

For those who already use RODIS - Please enter more of your sightings into RODIS ! Garden records, Site visit records, survey records, records of things you see when you are driving (inc. roadkills), marine species from beach visits, fish records from angling trips, etc., etc. - common species, scarce and rare species, all are needed/required.

For those who do not 'yet' use RODIS - please do give it a try. There are now Help files and Help videos available through RODIS to assist you in entering your sighting information. If you get stuck then give either the staff at rECOrd a shout, or drop me a line (

Cheers and take care.

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