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An Excellent New Book on Resupinate Fungi

PostPosted: Wed Mar 04, 2015 3:44 pm
by SteveMcBill
An Excellent New Book on Resupinate Fungi:

Just received my copy of the newly published book "A Field Guide to the Resupinates of Hampshire" in the post and what an excellent book it is to ID'ing this group of fungi. The book is by Paul Hugill and Alan Lucas and can be obtained from Paul for £15 plus p&p by e-mailing him at: Paul Hugill: .

"Resupinate" is a loose term referring to fungi that produce a flat fruiting body on the surface of the substrate, and covers both corticioid and polyporoid fungi.

The format of the guide is based upon its primary purpose as a field guide, and therefore it does not contain details of features which are not identifiable in the field (e.g. those requiring microscopy). The photographs are large to aid visual identification, several times greater than lifesize. To further aid field identification the entries are separated into groups based on physical characteristics visible to the naked eye or with a hand-lens (e.g. poroid, hydnoid, verrucose, etc.) within each group the species are further graded by colour.

The hope is that this guide will encourage fungal forayers to become more interested in resupinates and thereby expand the knowledge base of this fascinating group of fungi.