Snail Identification

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Snail Identification

Postby Tom on Thu May 21, 2009 11:31 am

Another sample from the Zoo, this time a snail from the jaguar rain forest exhibit. This is a nice looking species in my opinion but it doesn't look like any terrestrial snail I've seen before. It could well be another exotic.

Hopefully there isn't much description required from me as we managed to get some good photos.

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Re: Snail Identification

Postby SteveMcBill on Thu May 21, 2009 11:48 am

Snail Identification:


I don't recognise it immediately, so you could be correct about it being an exotic. The photos suggest possibly something in the Clausiliidae group (e.g. Cochlodina) or the Cochlicopidae (e.g. Cochlicopa) - but they are not clear enough and I can get no indication of size or maturity. Again, it would probably be wise to obtain several specimens and place them in 70% alcohol (I think the Zoo Vets can supply tubes and alcohol - you will only need a couple of tubes for the snails and the millipedes and maybe another for any centipedes).

I would suggest contacting Martin Willing of the Conchological Society about an identification. If Martin himself is not able then he may be able to suggest someone who can. Also, Ian Wallace at Liverpool Museum may be able to help.

Steve :)
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