Release of New Version of Recorder-6 - 14/08/2009

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Release of New Version of Recorder-6 - 14/08/2009

Postby SteveMcBill on Fri Aug 14, 2009 2:16 pm

Release of New Version of Recorder-6 - 14/08/2009:

Recorder 6.14.4 is now available from the Recorder website ( This a major new release and includes a large number of bug fixes and a range of major enhancements including a faster Import Wizard, a suite of designation reporting, compatibility with MS Vista, install with SQL Express, better links to GIS and the ability to reload samples into a recording card. For detailed information about the changes included in this version please see the release notes on the latest version page of the website (as per link above).

After upgrading to version 6.14.4 it is possible to then upgrade your species dictionary to version 0000000J this script effectively sets up the designation reporting (the sets and the set items) so it is advisable to update your dictionary before using this new functionality. Please note that upgrades 0000000G, 0000000H and 0000000I were released yesterday - (these can be run on 6.13.3 or 6.14 but dictionary release "J" can only be run after upgrading to Recorder version 6.14 - please see the website for more details).

Remember to rebuild the indexes, in order, after upgrading - there is now an additional index to rebuild which relates to the new designation reporting.
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