Species Dictionary Update and Add-ins Updates for Recorder-6

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Species Dictionary Update and Add-ins Updates for Recorder-6

Postby SteveMcBill on Fri Aug 14, 2009 8:48 am

Species Dictionary Update and Add-ins Updates for Recorder-6 - 13/08/2009:

Species Dictionary Updates Information:

The NHM Species Dictionary has been updated and the latest upgrade for use with Recorder-6 is available to download with the the new Dictionary Upgrade Kit (V3) from the Recorder website at http://forums.nbn.org.uk/recorderWebsite/dictionaryUpgrades.htm

The new Dictionary upgrade kit V3 has been updated to include a permissions fix for use with MS Vista - this relates to the automatic request for elevation to the Admin account (if UAC is turned on). If the name of the program contains the word ‘setup’, then Vista automatically requests elevation for the program. As this is not the case for the DictionaryUpgrade.exe a ‘manifest’ has been added to indicate to Vista what to do.

The species dictionary upgrades 0000000G.sql, 0000000H.zip and 0000000I.sql include:

Tidying up of the Nameserver table and changes to the following checklists:

Additional lists:
'BPGS' Galls checklist,
'SYMPHYTA Checklist of British and Irish Hymenoptera Symphyta' (Sawflies)
'LEPIDOPTERA (MICRO) Porter Micro-Lepidoptera' checklist
'NERC Act 2006. Section 41: Species of Principal Importance in England' checklist
'NERC Act 2006. Section 42: Species of Principal Importance in Wales' checklist

Major update to the 'JNCC Collation of taxon designations' checklist (Now includes: Amber/Red Bird Lists 2009, Vascular plant amendments, W&CA Sch 5:9.4A* and 9.4c, NERC S41, NERC S42, IUCN Global RedList, Conservation Regs 2,3 and 4)

Lists removed: 'JNCC Interpretation of Higher Level Designations', 'Forestry Commission Forester dataset' and 'NHM Working Navigational Hierarchy'

Don't forget to rebuild the three indexes after upgrading, in order, starting with Taxon Group, then Taxon Name and finally Taxon Synonym.


Recorder-6 Add-ins Updates Information:

A new version of the DeleteSurvey Add-in (version is now available from the Recorder Add-ins page on the website (http://forums.nbn.org.uk/recorderWebsite/Addins.htm). The add-in has been modified to handle survey tags.

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