New spider for Brandreth Towers #2

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New spider for Brandreth Towers #2

Postby anno on Thu Jan 30, 2020 1:13 pm

Just received the following message -

'Record status

Rich Burkmar 12483867 Your record of Pseudeuophrys lanigera at 53.381N, 2.662W on 21/12/2019 was examined by an expert.
Accepted as correct. Verifiable from photograph. Accepted as correct'
Always good to know and thanks to Richard for the verification, however it brings up my usual dilemma -
Does it arrive in to RECORD?
How long does it take?

Just conscious that this is usually bereft of submissions unless its the Moth crowd (of which I am happy to be associated with!) and was curious?

Tiresome that the only folks using this great facility now are either the usual suspects (Hi Tom Banks!) or people who want to flog something or to know what your favourite bird is... ;)
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Re: New spider for Brandreth Towers #2

Postby RachelMC on Wed Feb 05, 2020 1:33 pm

Hi Anno,
Just asking your question in the office. We can't find this record on RODIS, so we suspect records like this are not entered by the verifier or picked up from other sources.

It would be for you as the observer to enter these records onto RODIS

Hope this helps
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