Trapping in November

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Trapping in November

Postby Tim_Ward on Thu Nov 19, 2020 3:20 pm

What a boon these warm November nights have been for moth-trapping! I don't recall any other November when I've been able to record as many species as this year. Quite apart from leaf-mining, there have been 25 species visiting my trap in the last 3 weeks alone. What a pleasure it is to open the trap and release a flock of December Moths rather than Large Yellow Underwings! My November list, so far, is:
Red-green Carpet
Merveille du Jour
November Moth (confirmed by dissection)
December Moth
Winter Moth
Northern Winter Moth
Juniper Carpet
Spruce carpet
Dark Sword Grass
Lellow-line Quaker
Feathered Thorn
Mottled Umber
Scarce Umber
Grey Shoulder-knot
Caloptilia betulicola
Acleris sparsana
Light Brown Apple Moth
Garden Rose Tortrix
Rusty-dot Pearl
Tachystola acroxantha
Common Plume
Blastobasis lacticolella

Oh, and a Froghopper, Philaenus spumarius.......
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Re: Trapping in November

Postby JulianB on Sat Nov 21, 2020 7:30 pm

That's not too shabby at all Tim! Well ahead of us - we dipped on Red-line Quaker this year, which was disappointing.

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