Tiny micro, can it be identified?

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Tiny micro, can it be identified?

Postby bobhelencoan on Sat Aug 21, 2021 5:36 pm

We have not been putting the trap out but have found white ermine and peppered moth larvae. A cocoon found on hawthorn has today produced a nice male vapourer moth. On our hazel tree we found two Phyllonorycter coryli moths plus a tiny micro we can't name. The hazel tree is close to a hawthorn hedge and under an oak tree. Any help with even species would be helpful . Thanks Bob & Helen
CAT White ermine P1020016.JPG
White ermine larva
CAT Peppered moth P1020019.JPG
Peppered moth larva on apple tree
Vapourer hatched P1020053.JPG
Vapourer moth
Vapourer hatched Pupa in cocoon hawthorn P1010942.JPG
opened cocoon of vapourer moth
ukn photo 2
ukn photo 1
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