Moth Spreadsheet Guidelines 1

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Moth Spreadsheet Guidelines 1

Postby GasMacc1 on Wed Aug 25, 2021 3:09 pm

Collating and verifying nearly 100 thousand records from the many Cheshire recorders takes time.
You can help to speed the process if you follow these guidelines for completing the template spreadsheet.

Here are some tips about “Additional Evidence”.

Template Guidelines Slide 1.001.jpeg
1. Guidelines for "Additional Evidence"

Use the template spreadsheet! In column C, the spreadsheet flags up any species for which additional evidence is required. Sometimes, the only evidence required is a comment in the Comments field e.g. for Copper Underwing or Dark Marbled Carpet (“Underwing checked”).

If you have posted a photo on Facebook, or on the forum, to back up a record, it helps if you make a comment to that effect in the Comments field (column P). Alternatively, if you voluntarily email me a photo where additional evidence is needed, it saves me having to chase you for it. (The photo has to be clear enough to show the distinguishing features!).

If the record is one that can only be accepted by the result of dissection, please make a comment (either “Not dissected” or “By Gen. Det.”, etc.) in the Comments field (column P). State whether the dissection showed that the moth was female or male.

Enter an “aggregate” (e.g. “Yponomeuta sp.” or “Dark Dagger / Grey Dagger” or “Marbled Minor agg.”) in column B if you are unable to provide evidence for the record to species level.

Please try to send me your spreadsheets from October if you have finished for the year, or by early January at the latest. Send to

Thanks very much for submitting your records!
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