Moth Spreadsheet Guidelines 3

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Moth Spreadsheet Guidelines 3

Postby GasMacc1 on Wed Aug 25, 2021 3:14 pm

Here's the final set of guidelines: some general tips.

Template Guidelines Slide 3.001.jpeg
3. Guidelines: General Tips.

Please enter just a number in the Quantity field. Avoid “10+”, “over 50”, etc. Just put the minimum number in. You can always use the comments field to add further text about the quantity. If they are leaf mines, you can enter 0 or 1.

Take care when copying and pasting. e.g. if you trap in more than one location, ensure that you don’t copy the grid-reference from one location to the other locations.

If your record is for an adult moth sighted outside of its normal flight season, it would be great if you could acknowledge that by entering “Known early record” or “Known late record” in the Comments field (Column P). A photo would be great.

If your record is for a “pre-adult” stage, please enter “Larval” or “Pupal” or “Egg” or “Mine”, etc. in the column for Stage, as appropriate. Otherwise, please use “Adult”.

Please try to send me your spreadsheets from October if you have finished for the year, or by early January at the latest. Send to
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