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Maiden's Blush in Marple

PostPosted: Fri Sep 10, 2021 6:30 pm
by MPStanyer
I gather these are historically pretty scarce locally. This is the first I have seen in the garden in over 20 years. Is this another species expanding its range in Cheshire?
Maiden's Blush 20210907_074418.jpg
Maiden's Blush, Marple 6th September 2021

Re: Maiden's Blush in Marple

PostPosted: Wed Sep 15, 2021 9:36 am
by GasMacc1
There were as many Cheshire records of Maiden's Blush in the last two years as there had been in the previous 45!

This year, there have been four posted so far on the Cheshire Moth Group on Facebook, all in various parts of West Cheshire.

The comment in the Cheshire Moth Atlas (with records to the end of 2017) was "Several scattered sites. Increasing". Those scattered sites included 4 in East Cheshire, all post-2000.

Since 2017, there have been sightings in Wildboarclough, Higher Poynton, Altrincham, Alsager and Congleton, so - adding your record from Marple - the comment in the Atlas is proving correct.

Re: Maiden's Blush in Marple

PostPosted: Sun Sep 19, 2021 11:26 am
by MPStanyer
Good to know, thanks.