On leafmining...

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On leafmining...

Postby SteveH on Sun Oct 28, 2012 12:52 pm

Hi Folks,

Yesterday wasn't too bad on the leaf-mining front, probably in the order of 30-40 species, though with many of them being repeats from either this or previous years I've not noted them all down. There were a few 'local' rarities however, specifically:

Stigmella salicis
Phyllonorycter geniculella
Phyllonorycter acerifoliella
(see below: on Maple - amazingly I identified the tree too!)
Phyllonorycter tristigella and
Parornix devoniella

All in all, quite a pleasing return.


Phyllonorycter acerifoliella 4474 27102012 (1).JPG
Tenanted mine of Phyllonorycter acerifoliella - SJ4474 - 27/10/2012
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