Rare Cinnabar Moth Aberration?

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Rare Cinnabar Moth Aberration?

Postby patxrose on Mon Dec 17, 2012 11:47 am

Rare Cinnabar Moth Aberration?:

I have a description of a Cinnabar moth in the records I am entering into RODIS at the moment. It is described as follows:

"I found a rare colour aberration of a Cinnabar moth - orange, black and red. When I caused it to flutter I thought it was a worn specimen - on catching it however I saw that the fore-wings were dull black and orange instead of the normal black and red. When it was encouraged to open its wings fully the black and orange fore-wing formed a marked contrast to the black edged red hind-wing. The under-wing is more orangey on the hind-wing than the normal moth. The aberration is noted in RLE Fords "Observer's Book of Large Moths" as being extremely rare".

This was found in 1980 at the north end of the Wirral.

Is it a Cinnabar or could it be something else? Could it have been found on the Wirral? Does it have a different Latin name to the normal Cinnabar moth?

Any advice gratefully received.

Pat Rose
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