FREE Insects at Light (excl. moths) Workshop Friday 1st Sept

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FREE Insects at Light (excl. moths) Workshop Friday 1st Sept

Postby GaryHedges on Tue Aug 29, 2017 11:44 am

FREE Insects at Light (excl. moths) Workshop - Friday 1st September 2017:

Dear All,

We still have 4 places available for a FREE Insects at Light (other than moths) workshop at the World Museum, Liverpool this Friday 1st September - 10:30 - 15:30.

This workshop is aimed at moth recorders who use light traps. Anybody who uses light to attract moths quickly becomes aware of the huge range of other insects that turn up. Whilst all the moths are carefully recorded, everything else is ignored by most. However, a few species of other insect orders are very distinctive and easily recorded, whilst others can be identified with practise. This workshop will introduce you to insect groups commonly caught in moth traps and what's required to start recording them (alongside your usual lepidopteran subjects !). All attendees are encouraged to bring with them live specimens from the previous night's light trap for identification on the day.

Groups we'll be briefly looking at: caddis, beetles, flies, lacewings and parasitic wasps.


Best Wishes,

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