Aulagromyza luteoscutellata in Hale

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Aulagromyza luteoscutellata in Hale

Postby RHoman on Mon Jul 16, 2012 11:07 am

Aulagromyza luteoscutellata in Hale:

Last autumn I found some mined leaves on a Lonicera species in a garden In Hale. The mines were old and somewhat weathered, but they had more than a hint of Aulagromyza luteoscutellata about them. Earlier this month (July 2012), my daughter, who lives nearby, sent a sample of leaves with new mines and these suggest that Aulagromyza luteoscutellata is present in Hale. The pictures attached show a leaf with an Aulagromyza luteoscutellata mines and a leaf with 2 such mines, one of which crosses and contrasts with a mine of Aulagromyza cornigera.


Robert Homan
Cheltenham, Glos.

Aulagromyza luteoscutellata mine in Lonicera, Hale

Aulagromyza mines in Lonicera, Hale
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