Compound Microscopes ???

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Compound Microscopes ???

Postby SteveMcBill on Wed Jan 20, 2016 5:18 pm

Compound Microscopes ???

Dear All,

I have had and used a Meiji EMZ-5TR Stereo Microscope for invertebrate work for more than 21 years and have been extremely pleased with its performance and abilities.

However, I now wish to obtain a compound microscope for detailed genitalia work and also to allow me to branch out into fungi (particularly micro-fungi (Powdery Mildews and Rusts)) and both freshwater and marine micro-organisms (rotifers, protozoans, and micro-algae) as well as the smaller inverts such as Collembola. Unfortunately, I have not really used a compound microscope much indeed since I worked in the Path Lab at Whiston Hospital over 45 years ago. Consequently, I have little experience of them and require some pointers as to which microscopes are commonly used by recorders and what their strong and weak points might be.

I am currently considering a Brunel SP150 compound microscope and would welcome comments, suggestions, recommendations and/or brickbats regarding this particular model and any other microscope you have in use.

Many thanks.

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