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A Tool To Work Out Which Vice County You Are In

PostPosted: Wed Oct 08, 2008 10:22 am
by SteveMcBill
There are times when recording in new areas (e.g. on holiday) or recording close to Vice County boundaries when it is difficult to know which Vice County one is actually in and therefore to which VC to attribute the records one is collecting/generating. Even sitting poring over maps for hours can be infuriatingly fruitless as the old Ray Society Vice County maps were never of high resolution and the VC boundaries shown in red, if scaled up, would be over 500 metres wide.

Worry no more - there is now an on-line tool to allow you to determine the Vice County for any OS Grid Reference in the Country. Merely type in the Grid-Ref (or Lat-Long) and the tool will immediately tell you which VC you are/were in (or vice counties if it straddles the boundaries). The tool can be found over at:


Steve :)