SWIFT is here! New data entry system

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SWIFT is here! New data entry system

Postby RachelMC on Mon Dec 14, 2020 10:26 am

SWIFT is here - our new online data entry system

RODIS will be replaced by our new system, Swift, by the end of the year.
As of 31st December 2020, Adobe will cease support for their Flash Software and, if you are a regular user of RODIS, you’ll no doubt be aware of the impact this will have on RODIS. Consequently, we have chosen to replace RODIS with a new piece of software, developed by our colleagues at Greater Manchester Local Records Centre (GMLRC), called Swift.
Swift is built using HTML5 and as such provides a certain level of futureproofing that we don’t have with RODIS. We have worked closely with our colleagues in GMLRC to ensure Swift has a similar look and feel to RODIS, but also incorporates some much needed improvements. Swift offers improvements in both processing speed and functionality, allowing users to enter data more accurately, efficiently and with a greater level of detail than was allowed through RODIS.

Swift is now live for use and over the coming months we will be migrating all existing RODIS data across so you can continue to access the data you’ve already entered through RODIS if you want to. Essentially, there will be minimal or no loss of service during these changes and your data will be backed up and kept secure.

You can access the new Swift system through this webpage: http://www.record-lrc.co.uk/swift/

Please now start submitting any new data through Swift, rather than RODIS. Swift is designed to be –user-friendly, but should you have any issues, a User Guide can be found here.
Or please email us if this doesn’t answer your questions. We hope you enjoy using Swift, if you have any feedback on the new system, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
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Re: SWIFT is here! New data entry system

Postby RachelMC on Mon Dec 14, 2020 10:32 am

Actions for you to take now:

  • Please finalise any work on existing files within RODIS, and submit any un-submitted files through RODIS in the normal way (deadline for this is 20th December, however please try to do this as soon as possible). Any unsubmitted files will cause issues for us with data migration.
  • Create a new account on Swift and use this account to enter any new data.
  • Let us know if you would like your existing submitted files on RODIS to be visible via your new Swift account - please email us with your old and new account details so we can match them up. As mentioned this is not essential to preserve the data, its only if you want to be able to access it personally once RODIS stops working.
  • If you would like to be kept informed about the Swift system and other RECORD updates, please sign up to our main mailing list here. We will not be using this RODIS user mailing list beyond this point.

The deadline for all of the above actions is 20th December.
Beyond this point, please do not enter any new data into RODIS. RODIS will remain live until the end of the year so you can access data (during the transfer period), but will it will be taken down once support is finally removed at the end of the year. At this point, your account and your details will be deleted unless you have created a new Swift account and/or are signed up to our mailing list.

Please rest assured that all data submitted in the past through RODIS will remain safe within our system as detailed above. Please do not attempt to migrate any past data yourself or re-enter data into Swift that has already been submitted through RODIS, as we will do this for you.
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