Another Picture Wing ?

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Another Picture Wing ?

Postby bobhelencoan on Sun Apr 09, 2017 6:25 pm

Another Picture Wing ?

Having been able to identify the fly that hatched from the Knapweed seed heads we thought we would have a go with those from the Burdock seed heads.

THe first we think might be the corresponding gall moth from Burdock - Terellia tussilaginis. The second we have no idea but lots of these little bright green flies have hatched from the seed heads.

Any help gratefully received.

Bob & Helen

FLY burrdock Terellia tussilaggggginis possDSC01254.JPG
Terellia tussilaginis ? - from Burdock seed heads
FLY green burrdock DSC01242.JPG
Green fly from Burdock
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Re: Another Picture Wing ?

Postby bankst on Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:18 pm

Continuing the Picture Wing theme, I found these photos in my 2013 archive, awaiting identification.

I think it's the Celery Fly (Euleia heraclei) but I'd be grateful for confirmation. Apparently, the males display prominently on leaf surfaces and await the arrival of the females, so I'm guessing the one in the pictures is a hopeful male. I also noticed the date of my photos was the 12th September 2013, so when the sun comes out and the wind finally drops, keep your eyes peeled !


Picture wing 2.JPG
Euleia heraclei ??
Picture wing 1.JPG
Euleia heraclei ??
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